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Finger amputation is a major event in any persons life. The loss of fingers whole
or partial changes the way we approach the use of our hands. We provide glove
alterations to aid in comfort, grip and safety lost by amputation.
A word from the founder of and the
hand model for the web site.
Index finger
on the glove
no longer
bends due to
the finger
The index
finger was  
amputated in a
machine tool
While working, I amputated my left index
finger at the first joint. I also partially
amputated my left middle finger; that
damage was repaired, but now my
finger does not bend completely and it
gets stiff in cool weather. I find that
wearing gloves substantially increases
my grip in everyday situations and
alleviates the stiffness in cool weather.
However, the "extra" index glove finger
constantly gets in the way and could, in
fact, be a hazard to me, because of the
way it sticks out.  It doesn't seem to
matter whether I'm wearing work gloves
or nice gloves, I'm constantly catching
the “extra glove finger" on something. I
finally solved that problem by modifying  
a well made pair of gloves to fit the
amputation on my left hand. That first
pair of gloves inspired me to found
                                 Alan Simpson
Empty Finger
Fitted Finger Fist
Fitted Finger
The index
finger on the
glove has been
made to fit the
The fitted glove
improves your
comfort, grip
and safety.
These are samples of alterations:
Fitted Middle Finger, Ring Finger Fitted Ring Finger, Pinky Fitted Thumb Fitted Ring Finger
Check with your employer, insurance company and
workman's comp. they may reimburse you for your purchase.
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We fit glove fingers for people with accidental
and medically necessary finger amputations